Back to School Earbuds and Flashdrives

Back to School Earbuds and Flashdrives

Way to go, Vineyard! We reached the goal. Students will be fully loaded with earbuds and flash drives when they start the school year!

The Stafford Municipal School District covers all of the city of Stafford and is run by the city, the only school district in Texas that is not an independent school district operated by an independent school board. This close connection between the city and the families and students it serves provides a great opportunity for us to partner with our community by investing time and attention so that these families and their students thrive.

Many of the students in the Stafford Municipal School District come from households that are economically challenged. A high percentage of Stafford MSD students are participants in the government assisted lunch programs.

The Vineyard Church is committed to serving our city, its schools, its students, and the devoted faculty that invests in these students. We do this through adopting teachers and classrooms, committing to pray for teachers, regularly visiting the school to encourage and support the faculty, providing school supplies, and even outfitting first year students with school uniforms.

This year SMSD has identified a very specific way we can make an impact:

Our goal is to provide 497 sets of earbuds & 8G flash drives needed for intermediate children.

We have arranged special prices with distributers so that this will only cost $2500.

You can also help by adopting a teacher (writing encouraging notes, visiting the classroom to read to students, stocking classrooms with basic supplies, etc.), joining our monthly visitation team, or simply making financial contributions to our mercy/compassion fund to help us fund our ongoing work with Stafford Schools. Contact James Menephee for more ways to be involved.

120% DONATED OF $2500

Thank You

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