VINEYARD KIDS OUTFITTERS, (VKids for short), is where your kids get to ‘be the church’ kid style! Our amazing God invites each of us young or old, into His Story and the life-long adventure of His extravagant love! Each week we partner with you as we strive to equip kids for their life-long adventure with God! We’re excited about providing a space for kids to learn about and experience this extravagant love that draws them into a joyful & thriving relationship with Jesus and impacts their world for Christ.

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power and the wonders He has done…so the next generation would know them…then they would put their trust in God.” Psalm 78:1-7

In the “First Steps” Nursery, children begin their adventure with VKids spending most of the time in play, pausing for songs and snacks! Through interaction with our caring nursery staff, volunteers and other children, these little ones learn that they’re safe, they’re loved and that church is a place for them. We have one paid nursery staff person who provides a familiar face and much-needed consistency each week. Parents receive a vibrating pager when checking in their child so they can be reached quickly if needed.

In the Explorers class kids begin their expedition with hands-on experiences where Bible stories are told in creative ways. Each month we focus on one theme and one ‘key question’ giving children plenty of time grab onto and internalize what God says about who they are in Him. Here the twos are discovering the basic truth that “God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever”.

There are so many trails for 3 & 4 to blaze! In Trailblazers kids are drawn in further to explore who Jesus is and the awesome things God has done.  With interactive lessons, songs, crafts and games three and four year-olds will grow in their understanding that  ‘God loves and made me’ and widen that to discover that God also made and loves others!  Each month we focus on one theme and one ‘key question’ giving children plenty of time grab onto and internalize what God says about who they are in Him. Trailblazers will continue to dive into the basic truth that “God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.”

The Pathfinders class introduces kids to the community found in small groups and the concepts of God loving ‘us’ and the Church as God’s community of love, life, and unity in Jesus. Pathfinders will take time to share joys and concerns with one another and will have opportunities to pray with each other and see from week to week how our amazing God answers! After checking in and hanging out with friends, Pathfinders will join with the 2nd – 4th graders for an energetic time of worship and communion with God and each other.  Afterwards they return to their class for an interactive lesson, games and crafts designed specifically for their age group.

In Base Camp, we rely on both large and small group formats and even use the room’s changing environment to communicate God’s life-changing truths. Second through fourth graders build on the concept of “God loves, me’ and God loves you’ and also look outward to see how God loves the world.  It is our desire to see Base Camp kids thrive in their relationship with Jesus and discover their unique places within the Body of Christ, and the world they live in.

Every few months we pick up our “Base Camp” and move somewhere new to learn something new and amazing about how we fit into God’s amazing adventure. We also learn about things like worship, the power of prayer, God’s incomprehensible love for us, faith and salvation. We get to do some crazy things that reinforce the lesson point, and just have a lot of fun!

  • Deanna Waggoner
    Deanna Waggoner
    Children's Pastor
Deanna Waggoner
Children's Pastor

Deanna has served as Children’s Pastor since 2012. She grew up in Singapore and Indonesia where her parents served as missionaries. Deanna and Reagan met in Singapore in 1989. Her and Reagan have two sons, 14 & 16.

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Christmas Eve Services

Sunday, The Vineyard Church

Child Dedication - Orientation Mtg

Sunday, The Vineyard Church

Child Dedication (Both Services)

Sunday, The Vineyard Church


Serve a minimum of one Sunday a month and help staff the check-in area and greet guests and families as they arrive.  This is a key position that makes a first-impression with our guests and helps all families start their adventures each Sunday!

If you are interested in working with the kids, but can’t commit to a regular schedule, consider being a sub!  These amazing people are ones we can call on when a regular volunteer needs to be out.

An “outfitter” is defined as a business that provides equipment, supplies and trained guides for adventures.  At V.K. Outfitters we view every Sunday as an opportunity to partner with you in equiping each child with the biblical knowledge and experiences they will need for their life’s expedition and the adventures that lay ahead. Our Sunday morning classroom volunteers are referred to as “outfitters” because it is these critical people who are providing a safe, secure and fun environment where children can learn about God’s extravagant love and be drawn into a thriving relationship with Jesus.

These are energetic people who love to see kids wiggle, dance and move as they worship God in a way that only kids can! Because we use CD’s and DVD’s you don’t need to be a musician to join the team, but we have a space for ya if you do play and want in on the fun!

We have many events throughout the year that require fun, organized and creative people to pull them off!  Here are just a few: Bubble Blowout Day in the spring, special events at Christmas, VBS in the summer, and lots of other stuff we haven’t even thought of yet!  This team will meet periodically as an event comes up and to the extent they are able, assist the VK staff to make the event happen.

If you are creative and artistic, here’s a fun opportunity to create a stunning environment for children to come learn about Jesus.  Here’s a little secret:  you don’t have to be an artist to help!  In fact, there are multiple opportunities to help us decorate and change our rooms’ environments throughout the year and we’d love to have you join in!


If you are very organized, responsible and like to shop, we have the job for you!   We will provide you with the list of supplies that need rounding up for each unit and you make sure the right stuff is in the right place at the right time.  This is a great opportunity for someone that only has a few hours to give each week.

Keeping the toys, clean, the markers capped and the Play-Doh fresh takes a team of willing hands and careful eyes.  If you’ve got a hour or so to give we’d love to have your help sanitizing toys from the nursery or checking on the supplies in each room as well as other odd jobs that come up from week to week!