Test run…

If anyone is free for a few minutes this afternoon, we are going to test out our streaming system with a short communion service. 1pm here.

Then join us tonight for a special communion time with worship led by Crispin Schroeder, live from Covington, LA, from his home. We’ll pray together, share communion, and have a chance to encourage one another for the journey we are on.

I really believe that it is of great importance that we find ways to share communion together frequently during this season.



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  1. Avatar for Reagan Waggoner Amanda L Sutherland : March 18, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Thanks for the update! ❤ May peace be with all of you.

  2. Thank you Reagan! It is an awesome time to be alive and I Also want to “see” what the Father is doing! I am praying and trusting that many new things will emerge from this unprecedented event! Praying Psalm 91 over you and us and taking those words to heart! Looking forward to what you work out for online community! May God bless you with creativity and wisdom and ease of Working out the technical aspects!

  3. Thank you Raegan.we love you.

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