Getting Started with Transition

Dear Vineyard Family,

This Sunday, I announced during our Sunday Morning service that I have asked the board of directors of our church to begin a process to find my replacement as Senior Pastor. If you have not yet had an opportunity to hear this announcement, please take a moment to watch it here.

Thanks so much for the kind words and blessings you have passed my way since Sunday!

I understand that times like these come with uncertainty, and uncertainty can breed anxiety. I want to do my best to keep you in the loop and help you understand the process as it unfolds. 


The board of directors in our church consists of me, Ben Blackwell, Randy Dunn, Paul Llopis, Jenny Midyat, Renae Norwood, and Gbade Obisesan. This group is functioning as the search committee to find my replacement. While many details are still being worked out, there are a few commitments I can share with you.

  • First, we are committed to timely action. We don’t want a drawn-out process that leaves us in limbo for too long. 
  •  Second, we will conduct a broad search for the best fit. This will mean reasonably broadcasting the opening to solicit potential candidates to apply. This will hopefully include candidates inside our church and outside our church. 
  •  Third, we want continuity with the things that have shaped who we are as a church. This continuity regards theological and missional commitments. As I have expressed to the board, we have paid a great price to stand for things that we believe are important as we center on the theology and practice of the kingdom of God. We will remain committed to justice, compassion, and worship services shaped by Word, Spirit, and Sacrament. I have heard many people express concern that this church remains a safe place for people in all different places on their faith journey. I have often said that we want to be a church that is less interested in enforcing conformity than nurturing discovery. I recognize that this is a unique posture and one that has been deeply important for many people. I am looking for my replacement to share this conviction.
  • Fourth, I want a pastor for our church that shares our commitment to diversity. I am asking that the search team give careful attention to gathering candidates that represent people who are commonly overlooked for leadership positions in churches. Specifically, this means people of color and women.

I believe these commitments will offer us the best opportunity to move forward in the direction we’ve invested in for many years. 


The board of directors is meeting this Sunday to define further our plan for thriving in this transition. Our strategy will include a timeline for various aspects of the transition, including when and where we will post the job opening, when we will close the posting, and how long we will take to vet candidates.

On September 11, following the Sunday morning service, we will have a Q&A. I will be there, along with the board of directors, to discuss how to best move forward. You can ask questions in advance by emailing You can also contact me directly at I will also make myself available to have coffee, lunch, a phone call, or whatever way I can be available to hear your thoughts. Maybe some commitments or values are important to you, but I didn’t mention them above. Please, share those with me. 

Web Page

Beginning on Wednesday, August 17, we will have a web page to give updates about the transition. You can access this page at (again, starting after August 17).


Would you commit to praying regularly for our church as we discern together how to launch into this next season? The leading of the Holy Spirit is the single most important factor toward success in this process. We want to keep in step with the Spirit every step through asking and listening in prayer and through meaningful discourse with each other.

Thanks so much for your investment in this church through this important season!

Many blessings to you all,

Reagan Waggoner

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Transition Q&A
October 18, 2022

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Reagan Waggoner
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Reagan’s announces his coming transition.

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