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Reagan Waggoner

Position: Senior Pastor
Email: reagan@thevineyard.church

Reagan has been the Lead Pastor at The Vineyard since 2009. Reagan and his wife Deanna joined the team of leaders who helped launch the church in 1994 shortly after getting married in 1993. Reagan began on staff as youth pastor, worship leader, and administrative assistant. He has served as groundskeeper, janitor, accountant, singles coordinator, graphic designer, adult education coordinator, home group leader, and more over the 23 years on staff at The Vineyard.

Reagan holds a Master of Divinity from Asbury Seminary. Reagan and Deanna have two sons.

Senior Pastor

Reagan Waggoner

Reagan has been the Lead Pastor at The Vineyard since...

Rachel Conner

Position: Executive Pastor
Email: rachel@thevineyard.church

Rachel Conner has been a part of the Sugar Land Vineyard since 2001, and, along with her husband Stephen, has been an active participant in the life and activities of the local church. She served on the Senior Pastor’s Council for both Bert and Reagan Waggoner. Her family has been upwardly mobile so she has had opportunities to teach and lead prayer initiatives in the cities she has lived in, and the churches she has served in.

Rachel retired from AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in 2012. While at AZ, she was a member of the National Diversity Panel, and led winning teams in the therapeutic areas AstraZeneca competed in. She came out of retirement to partner with a long time friend to start a company that assisted healthcare businesses with growth, sales and technology. While working with Dimedius she completed Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and became a spiritual director. Unforeseen circumstances led to the closing of Dimedius after a successful three- year run where she served as President and business development lead.

Rachel is now firmly entrenched into the daily operations of the Sugar Land Vineyard, teaching, enjoying her practice as a spiritual director, working with the pastoral staff and co-directing Thrive Plus, a year- long high level discipleship course.

Rachel and Stephen love traveling, walking on the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Executive Pastor

Rachel Conner

Rachel Conner has been a part of the Sugar Land...

Brian Eggenberger

Position: Children's Pastor
Email: brian@thevineyard.church

Brian is a Houston native and graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a Bachelors in Church Ministries and Counseling. He has worked with children as a Children’s Pastor and Special Education teacher since 2002. He and his wife Kate, have three boys. Brian’s desire is to provide a space for kids to learn about and experience God’s extravagant love that draws them into a joyful and thriving relationship with Jesus and impacts their world for Christ.

Children's Pastor

Brian Eggenberger

Brian is a Houston native and graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of...

Kelly Edmiston

Position: Associate Pastor
Email: kelly@thevineyard.church

Kelly Edmiston has spent over a decade ministering to students and families in domestic and international contexts. Her passion is to see the church become the place where parents are equipped to be the spiritual leaders in their homes and students are formed into enthusiastic followers of Jesus. She holds a Master of Divinity from Abilene Christian University. Kelly, originally from Abilene, Texas enjoys Sugar Land “suburban life” with husband Ben, and their three children Mason, Hunter, and Ruth Cate.

Associate Pastor

Kelly Edmiston

Kelly Edmiston has spent over a decade ministering to students...

David Gausepohl

Position: Pastoral Care Pastor
Email: davidg@thevineyard.church

David Gausepohl leads a variety of pastoral care related ministries in the church including pastoral counseling, prayer teams, and marriage and family ministries.

David Gausepohl has been a long time member of The Houston Vineyard (the church that sent out the Sugar Land Vineyard as a church plant 25 years ago). Over the years he has served the Houston Vineyard Pastoral Council, as a Life Group leader and coach, and in various healing ministries with his wife Patsy. He and his wife, Patsy, have been blissfully married since 1981 with two adult children, Esther and Marcus.

Pastoral Care Pastor

David Gausepohl

David Gausepohl leads a variety of pastoral care related ministries...

Beth Willhelm

Position: Project Manager
Email: beth@thevineyard.church

Beth is a native Houstonian who had a career in the fashion and fragrance world, finishing as a regional sales manager for a major fragrance house. She has been a member of the Sugarland Vineyard since 2006 and has taught classes in community care ministries, bereavement care, and has served as a facilitator in the Alpha program. Beth joined the church staff in 2017 as the project manager. She likes to paint landscapes, make jewelry, hang out with her two very beloved god-sons and serves on the alumni board of St Thomas Episcopal School.

Project Manager

Beth Willhelm

Beth is a native Houstonian who had a career in...

Richard Olds

Position: Hospitality & Connections
Email: richard@thevineyard.church

Richard was born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas where he also attended Stephen F. Austin State University.  In 2015, he graduated from SFA with a degree in Religious Studies.  Shortly thereafter, he moved to Houston to work for a small church in Midtown, where he served as the Associate Pastor over Worship and Small Groups for 4 years.  In that time, Richard married his wife, Abigail, who then moved to Houston to help serve.  After the church was forced by the pandemic to close its doors at the end of 20202, he and Abigail found the Vineyard through a friend.  They both started serving with the Youth group, and in August Richard was hired to oversee our Hospitality Ministry.

Richard now holds two masters degrees from Houston Baptist University – one in Theological Studies and one in Biblical Languages.  He is also the Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator at Katy Hospice, LLC.  While serving at his last church, he was also a Barista at Retrospect Coffee Bar in Midtown, where he learned how to be really snobby about coffee.  In his free time, he loves camping, playing with his dog, and nerding out on linguistics.

Richard now oversees both our Hospitality and Connections ministries.  That means that if you’re interested in getting plugged into the life of the church through small groups or serving, then he would love to hear from you!

Hospitality & Connections

Richard Olds

Richard was born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas where he...

Kate Eggenberger

Position: Worship Leader
Email: kate@thevineyard.church

Kate serves as the worship director at The Vineyard. She has been involved in worship ministry for 20 years and has been part of the Vineyard since 2016. Her passion is to facilitate a space where people encounter God through music and worship. 
Kate is a Houston native (go Astros!) and  graduated from Houston Baptist University with a BA in Education. She has taught private music lessons for 10 years.
 Kate is married to The Vineyard’s Children’s Pastor, Brian Eggenberger. In their spare time they sleep so they can recover from the daily grind of raising 3 boys: Luka, Levi, and Liam. 

Worship Leader

Kate Eggenberger

Kate serves as the worship director at The Vineyard. She...

Abigail Olds

Position: Youth Pastor
Email: abigail@thevineyard.church

Abigail graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a BA in Organizational Communication and is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity at Houston Baptist University. She has several years of experience working in church and parachurch ministry.  In addition to serving on the Youth Staff at The Vineyard, she also works at a local nonprofit in Houston that offers prayer ministry for those in need.

Abigail is passionate about teaching people that there is fullness of joy and life that Jesus has for us each day. She believes that God has the power to heal, restore, and redeem the deepest of hurts.

She is married to her husband, Richard, of five years and has an energetic dog named Daisy. In her free time, she loves to read, hike, cook, and spend quality time with her friends and family.

Youth Pastor

Abigail Olds

Abigail graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a...

1 Corinthians 16:14   |  Let all that you do be done in love.

The following values represent what we expect to characterize everything we do.


All that we do must respect people in all stages of their spiritual journey. We seek to use non-religious and inclusive language. All aspects of the service must be available for all people to participate. There should be no hint of exclusivity or casting judgment (I Cor. 13:1-3; Communion—Luke 24:3-32, Rev. 22:17).


Christian liturgy is “the work of the people.” John Wimber, speaking of kingdom ministry, taught that “everybody gets to play.” We seek participation over performance. We want to engage as many people as possible in all elements of the service. While some elements required skilled and informed facilitation, as much as it is feasible, we want to de-professionalize ministry. 


We eagerly desire the life-giving activity of the Holy Spirit and anticipate the palpable reality of God ‘s presence with us (Acts 1:8). We continually seek to follow God’s leading and embrace spontaneity even as we steward our time through prayerful planning. We seek to be authentic in our response to God without hype or manipulation. We want to experience God in diverse ways that don’t limit the work of the Holy Spirit to a narrow set of experiences and settings. We value corporate and personal ministry that comes alongside people to compassionately invite the Holy Spirit’s work of healing and encouragement.


We expect to be transformed. That is; through God’s grace we seek to be continually “transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” (2 Cor. 3:18).  Transformation happens through the long slow work of the Holy Spirit, through spiritual formation, through the proclaimed word, and through instantaneous moments in worship and ministry. 

Intellectually Curious

We seek to engage the head along with the heart and hands. Worship and the Word should be rich in content in order to fuel our response with fresh revelation. We don’t offer pat answers but instead encourage critical reflection. Doubt and faith can coexist (“I believe. Help my unbelief” … Mark 9:24).

Rich in Diversity

We are committed to broadly including and empowering both women and men across all ethnicities, both young and old, in every expression of our worship, both as leaders and participants (Gal. 3:28, Acts 2:17).


We desire to honor God with excellence and creativity, giving God our best in our worship activity and our worship environments (Col. 3:23). We want to design our services with purpose that utilizes our time and environments to serve our mission. This involves a deep commitment to planning and preparation that refuses to disregard any opportunity to participate in God’s work in people.


We intentionally help people thrive as part of the body of Christ with a faith that is personal and communal. We value vigorous conversations, new friendships, and words of encouragement as spiritually vital parts of our weekend services (Eph. 4:11-12; Psalm 133:1). What happens in the foyer and during ‘breaks’ should be a spiritually significant part of our services. 

Old & New

We seek new and diverse expressions of faith and worship while also leaning back into relevant and meaningful practices of Christians throughout history. An “ancient-future faith” seeks fresh expressions of ancient practices that connect with our present world and future hope. Our faith is rooted in history and our services should reflect that. 


Worship is never to be separated from mission. Gathering as God’s people includes at its heart our being sent out into the world in God’s name. When we gather, we seek to better understand God’s mission in the world, experience the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit for that mission, and encourage one another as we take risks to practice our faith (“Faith is spelled r.i.s.k.” – John Wimber). We are sent out into the world to demonstrate God’s extravagant love and invite people into a thriving relationship with Jesus. 

We believe the Bible was written by people guided by God’s Spirit and affirm what it says it is: authoritative, inspired, illumined by the Spirit and useful for teaching, correcting, and wisdom [Psalm 119.105-112; John 16.12-14; 17.17; 2 Timothy 3.16-17]

We believe in the one true Creator God, who shows God’s self through self-giving love in a communal relationship of oneness displayed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [Genesis 1; Matthew 3.16–17; Mark 1.10–11; Luke 1.35, 3.22; John 1.32; Hebrews 9.14; Acts 7.55; Romans 8]

We believe God created all things good and all people in God’s image for relationship with God, each other, ourselves, and creation. [Genesis 1-2; 1 Timothy 4.4]

We believe people’s rebellion against God broke their relationship with God and continues to perpetuate sin, death, brokenness, and destruction in our world. [Genesis 3.15; Romans 5.12; Colossians 1.21]

We believe God has not abandoned creation, and in love, sent to earth God’s one and only Son Jesus, fully God and fully human, born of a virgin and without sin to redeem all creation. [Matthew 1.28-55; John 1; John 3.16-17; Romans 8.19-25; Colossians 1.15-20]

We believe Jesus came proclaiming a new arrival of the Kingdom of God—a reality marked by love, grace, peace, and joy. Through his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus defeated sin and death inaugurating a new creation that offers all people eternal life now. Jesus is the only way to access the free gift of grace, renewed peace, and reconciliation with God. [John 1.29; Romans 3.22-26; 5.1-9; Mark 4.26; Romans 14.17; 1 Corinthians 4.20; 2 Corinthians 5.17; Hebrews 1.1-3; Revelation 21.5]

We believe Jesus Christ sends the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, to dwell and shed abroad the love of God in the hearts of believers, empower them with gifts, convict, guide, comfort, counsel, and lead us into truth through a communal life of worship and a missional expression of our faith. We believe in the present ministry of the Spirit and in the exercise of all of the biblical gifts of the Spirit. [John 14.26; 20.21-23; Romans 5.5; 8.2; Ephesians 1.17-19; Acts 1.8; Acts 2.15-17]

We believe Jesus calls people to be his disciples in all areas of life, exhibiting faith in him by social and personal practices, which brings glory to God’s name. [Matthew 5.14-16; 22.36-40; Colossians 3.17; 1 Peter 4.11-12; 2 Peter 3.18]

We believe the church is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ, practicing spiritual disciplines, and celebrating baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The church is the local and global community of Jesus followers who proclaim [through word and action] the good news of forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation for all. [Matthew 22.36-40; 28.19-20; John 20.21-23; 2 Corinthians 5.16-21]

We believe Jesus will return to judge the world, bringing an end to injustice and restoring all things to God’s original intent. God will reclaim this world and rule forever. Our relationships with God, others, creation, and ourselves will be whole. All will flourish as God intends. This is what we long for. This is what we hope for. [Isaiah 11.1-9; Isaiah 65.19-25; Matthew 19.28; Acts 3.21; Colossians 1.19-20; 2 Peter 3.13; Revelation 21]


Sunday Mornings
​5015 Grove West
Stafford, TX  77477
Our mission is to be a community of God’s extravagant love where people are drawn into a thriving relationship with Jesus. 
We are a member church of Vineyard USA, a community of churches committed to the theology and practice of the kingdom of God.
In the Vineyard, we see Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Scriptures.
From our beginnings, the Vineyard has been committed to the proclamation of the kingdom of God, and to bearing witness to the deeds of the kingdom through healing (physical, emotional, and social), doing justice, and delivering those held captive by evil. We want to see what the Father is doing, and join Him in His transforming work.

*** Denotes churches planted from The Vineyard Church of Sugar Land.


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