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For this Advent Season, as we prepare for the coming of Jesus, we are going to invite you to slow down. 
“SLOWING down” during the Advent Season is an act of resistance against a culture that is set on a hurried, frantic life. 
Can you imagine an Advent Season that you don’t want to escape from? Can you imagine a holiday season where you stayed present to savor the moment? To really listen to God and to those around you? 
Each week during Advent, we are going to send you a way to practice slowing down. This practice will help center you and remind you of the HOPE that the season is really about. 

 And this is for EVERYONE:  
Parents of kids and teens: This is the perfect thing to put on while you’re driving in the car with your kids or tucking them in bed at night. 
For those of you who don’t have kids, this is the perfect thing for you to practice with your partner, your small group or a trusted friend.
 So, join us for this Advent Journey as we SLOW DOWN and as we embrace HOPE. 

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Nov 30 2022 - Dec 21 2022


New Episode every Wednesday
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Brian Eggenberger
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