Sankofa – Final Preparations!

Hi everyone!

Are you getting excited about the Sankofa Journey?  I know I am.  I am also praying for the pilgrimage, each of you, as well as how we will engage with others along the way.

Please check this page often.  Below is where we will update everyone with some helpful information for preparing yourselves for the trip.

Packing List:

    • Pillow and/or blanket
    • Wash cloth or pre-moistened towels (you won’t have a full on bath until Friday night at the hotel)
    • Toiletries
    • Snacks that you like personally  (we will have some)
    • Water Bottle
    • Comfortable walking shoes (we walk and stand a good bit)
    • Journal
    • Masks
    • Grace for each other

Sankofa Housekeeping:

    1. You will only get what you put in
    2. What is said on Sankofa, stays with Sankofa
    3. Use I statements, do not speak on behalf of someone else or your race/ species
    4. Actively listen with an empathetic ear
    5. Notice your feeling; be honest and authentic
    6. Take responsibility for your actions and misunderstandings
    7. Try to understand how the past can affect who we are and how the experiences can affect our relationships with each other
    8. Take great consideration of the journey as your reach your destination
    9. In order to stay present in the weekend we ask that you not look at social media, but please feel free to take pictures to document important moments of your Sankofa experience.

Sankofa Declarations:

    1. I am not going as an expert of my race, but a partner who will experience a journey
    2. I will do my best to be open and vulnerable with my partner
    3. I will do my best to be open and vulnerable as the spirit guides
    4. I will use what I learn on this trip as a guide to be and do better

Feelings Color Wheel:

Our discussion on Saturday revealed lots of emotions for us as we processed Ethnic Identity.  This color wheel is designed to help you identify those feelings and process through them.  For example, maybe you know that you’re mad about something.  So start in the center where it says “Angry,” and then ask yourself “do I feel more let down, bitter, critical, etc.?”  If yes, repeat the process with the outer ring.  Sometimes, you’re simple mad, and there’s no better way to describe it.  But it can sometimes be helpful to put more specific words like “resentful” or “violated” to what you’re feeling.

We hope that this tool is helpful as you and your Sankofa partner try to express and communicate some of those difficult feelings that can be hard to put words to.  Remember: this is a tool, not an assignment  – tools are designed to help you accomplish a task, not give you more work to do.

If you have any questions, reach out to Pastor Rachel (

The event is finished.


Feb 24 - 27 2022


All of the day


Rachel Conner


The Vineyard Church
5015 Grove West, Stafford, TX 77477
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