Message: “The Peaceable Kingdom in a Polarized World” from Reagan Waggoner

Reagan Waggoner - October 25, 2020

The Peaceable Kingdom in a Polarized World

The kingdom that Jesus announced and demonstrated was a kingdom of peace. Let’s explore what this means for us today, especially when we consider the growing polarization in our country. Is there a way forward for us?

Scripture References: Isaiah 9:6, Luke 19:41-42, Colossians 3:15

From Series: "Kingdom Stories"

*KINGDOMTIDE | Kingdomtide is a season set apart by many churches to highlight our commitment to the central theme of the ministry of Jesus--the kingdom of God. We seek to “do the stuff” that Jesus and the early Christians did; share the good news of Jesus and demonstrate God’s extravagant love by ministering to sick, poor, and the lost through naturally supernatural lives of compassion and justice. Scripture gives us an interesting and helpful look at the work of God across cultures and eras in human history. In the ups and downs of the human experience, people of faith have been convinced that God is truly up to something in this world and that there is a direction it is all headed. For these people, and for us today, stories were shared by Jesus and about Jesus that help us understand a bit more about what this actually is. This work of God is often called the Kingdom of God ... what it looks like when God fully establishes his rule over all creation. Let's look at what this might mean for us today.

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