Message: “When Life Gives You Limens” from Reagan Waggoner

Reagan Waggoner - September 10, 2017

When Life Gives You "Limens"

Sermons After the Floods

'Limens' is a latin term for threshold. Life is full of threshold moments. These in-between spaces can be painful and disorienting. But what if these in between spaces were places where God meets us in unique ways. Since the Harvey floods, many of us feel the pain of in-between places. Our worlds are changed and we don’t know yet what the new normal is. This message is an invitation to open our hands and let God lead us in these times.

Scripture References: 1 John 3:2

From Series: "Sermons After the Floods"

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and caused devastating floods all across the region. All of our lives were impacted. Some lost everything. Some were displaced as they feared how high the waters would rise. Many gave sacrificially to care for others who were impacted directly. This series of messages wrestles with the chaos and invites God's presence to meet us in the wake of the storm.

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