Call to Prayer for Those Sick Among Us

Vineyard Church, we’re calling all of you to pray for some of our folks with some serious health issues.

Friday, March 26th.



CeCe Ralston

She has just learned of cancer in her colon, stomach, lungs, and liver. She is to begin treatment sometime soon. Be in prayer for healing, strength, hope, and wisdom for all who care for her.

Brad Ralston

Brad has an irregular heartbeat that needs an electrical reset. The procedure was delayed by further complications and he now needs a heart MRI to see what is needed. He needs to be back to health, and wants to care for Cece during her treatment. Pray for a way forward for his treatment and healing, as well as wisdom for all who assess and treat him.

Bridget Wix

Bridget is currently in treatment for uterine cancer. Pray for healing, effective treatment, strength for her, and wisdom for all who care for her.



***This is also an opportunity to add fasting to prayer. Fasting is for the sake of focus. In changing some of our routines, time and attention usually given to preparing and eating meals, we give instead to prayer and the needs we are praying for. 

Some may choose to fast for the entire day of Friday, March 26th, but there are many ways to fast. 


  • Fast your breakfast and break the fast at lunch (etc.). 
  • Fast from solid foods, but continue nutrition with protein drinks, juices, and other liquids.
  • Discontinue meat for the day, or for a meal, but eat good vegetables and breads…or the other way around.
  • Etc. You get the idea; be creative with what could work for you.

Again, thank you for joining with us in prayer for CeCe

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